Everything You Need To Know About My Lasik Eye Surgery

To begin with, Lasik surgery in Delhi (visual aids centre) has become so common. Especially with all the professional and experienced eye doctors, many people have seen improvement in their vision. So, it’s about time that you go through a Lasik surgery too. Especially, if you want to see a rapid improvement in your vision. Normally, many people avoid going through Lasik surgery wondering that it is a bad solution. However, you should know that this is just a myth. Today, the success rate of Lasik surgery is so high, that you do not need to worry a bit. And if you are still worried, I am here to help you out. And especially to clear all the myths you have been listening to up till now. Being a Lasik surgery patient, there is no one better than me to explain to you the procedure of the Lasik surgery and after the Lasik surgery.


Before moving ahead, you must know that Lasik surgery is similar to other laser surgeries. So, you do not need to worry much about anything. In addition to that, according to my experience, I feel Lasik surgery has done wonders for my eyes. I can do my favorite activities without wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. And it feels wonderful to see through your own eyes. And it is much better to hear someone who has gone through it. Now, moving ahead here is everything you need to know about my experience. 

  • Visit a Good Doctor:

According to my experience, it is best for your eyes if you have a good surgeon for the surgery. Many people avoid a good surgeon to save little money. However, it is not good for your eyes. Your eyes are the most sensitive area, so you will need to take care of them more cautiously. Furthermore, today Lasik surgery costs in India (visual aids centre) are so reasonable, you will not need to worry about anything. You will be more comfortable with an experienced surgeon compared to the normal ones. In addition to that, a good surgeon can also advise you on certain things in a more simple way. He can make your process more simple and painless.

  • Little things can have a big impact on your Lasik surgery:’

Now, according to my experience, you should never avoid any minor details related to your Lasik surgery. No matter how small they are. Generally, you need to listen carefully to every piece of advice that your doctor gives to you. When you listen to your doctor carefully, you can easily identify if anything is wrong with your Lasik surgery. MInor things such as avoiding fragrances, eye creams, makeups have a big impact on your surgery. So it is much better if you try to avoid all of that before Lasik surgery, to have a much better result. Also, if you are used to wearing contact lenses, you should switch up to glasses before the surgery. This will help your cornea to be in its original shape.

  • During the procedure and after the Procedure:

The procedure of your surgery is so quick you would not even believe it. Just like other surgeries, you will not need to be admitted to the hospital for many days, eat medicines and all. In Lasik surgery, all you need to do is, keep all the advice that your surgeon gave to you in mind. And he can easily proceed with your surgery. After your surgery, you must keep avoiding things that can pressure your eyes in a large amount. Your eyes will be more sensitive than usual, so it is better if it is not under a lot of pressure. 

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